Technology Development

Technology Development Partners

TIDO has successfully used and continues to use a variety of resources to advance the development stage of Boston Children's Hospital technologies.

  • Advisory Board (.pdf)
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Development Partners:

    Past grants have allowed Boston Children's Hospital to work with engineering firms and CROs to advance technologies. With the launch of the Boston Children's Hospital's Technology Development Fund, TIDO will expand its network of CRO partners and seek collaborators for a wide range of product development services.

    In addition to TIDO's internal fund, we have a relationship with The Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT). CIMIT has funded a number of Boston Children's Hospital medical device technologies. As of January 2009, Boston Children's Hospital is a member of the CIMIT consortium and Boston Children's Hospital investigators interested in applying for a CIMIT grant are encouraged to contact the Boston Children's Hospital site miner at

TIDO invites inquiries for partnerships and collaborations. Interested parties can contact Carla Haslauer, Principal, Technology Development Fund at

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