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What we’ve been reading: Week of March 23, 2015

  Single-Dose Cures for Malaria, Other Diseases (MIT Technology Review) Pills that deliver a full course of treatment in one swallow could, or “super pills,” could simplify the treatment of diseases such as malaria and potentially produce cost savings that stretch into the $100 billion a year range, according to Bob Langer, PhD, from the Massachusetts Institute...

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CareAline: A mother’s road to SXSW

Our daughter, Saoirse, was diagnosed with cancer when she was 11 months old. Her care, safety and comfort were our first priorities. When she had a PICC line and later a central line placed to infuse drugs and fluids, we saw a need for a better way to keep these lines safe and secure without...

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The mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) is to translate the excellence of the laboratory research and clinical care at Boston Children’s Hospital into lifesaving biomedical products, devices and procedures for the public benefit.

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Due March 11! 2015 Technology Development Fund letters of Intent

The Technology Development Fund (TDF) invites all hospital employees with technologies that can be developed into products to apply for 2015 TDF funding.

Please join us on Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 2:30 - 4:00 PM in the Folkman Auditorium for a discussion on Boston Children’s Hospital’s new Intellectual Property (IP) Policy and how it affects you and the development of your innovations and research discoveries.

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