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CMCC 1695

Hydration Monitor

Inventors: Vassilios Bezzerides, Mark Neuman

Categories: Medical Device

SubCategories: Neonatology/Pediatric

Keywords: Medical Device

Invention Description:

Dehydration represents one of the most common conditions encountered in pediatric emergency departments among children less than 18 years of age, accounting for nearly 500,000 visits in the U.S. annually. The determination of dehydration and its severity, especially in infants, is a difficult but frequently encountered clinical problem. Recently, several studies have identified delayed capillary refill time as a highly specific sign for diagnosing and assessing children with dehydration. In addition to dehydration, delayed capillary refill time (DCRT) is a clinical measure of generalized hypo-perfusion caused by other etiologies including sepsis and congenital heart disease. The current invention is a hand-held light based device that accurately and reproducibly measures capillary refill time. A prototype has been built and is currently being tested in the clinic.


The potential clinical utility of the device is in aiding in the rapid assessment of dehydration. This device could be also used to quantitatively follow patients after interventions such as intravenous fluid administration, thereby objectively determining effectiveness.

Competitive Advantages:

The need to accurately and quickly assess hydration and perfusion status is a commonly faced clinical problem in the acute dehydration care setting. Despite its prevalence however, there do not exist many reliable and readily available methods for diagnosis of dehydration, except by a combination of clinical signs and symptoms. Therefore, this device would be a highly useful tool in clinical decision making with the potential to improve the diagnosis and guide intervention for dehydration and other etiologies of hypo-perfusion.

Business Opportunity:

Children's Hospital Boston is looking to license this technology exclusively.

IPStatus: Pat. Pend.

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