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CMCC 1693

Novel Pneumococcal Vaccine with Adjuvant Properties

Inventors: Richard Malley, Ying-jie Lu

Categories: Therapeutics

SubCategories: Immunology, Neonatology/Pediatric, Infectious Disease

Keywords: Composition of Matter

Invention Description:

Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, claiming the lives of over 1 million children each year in developing countries and resulting in serious morbidity and mortality in developed countries and over 50% of deaths in influenza pandemics are estimated to be due to pneumococcal pneumonia or sepsis.

Dr. Malley and Dr. Lu have developed a new fusion-conjugate vaccine that elicits potent immunity to pneumococcus and unlike other vaccines on the market, fulfills all the criteria for use in both developing and developed countries: (i) coverage of all S. pneumoniae strains, (ii) generation of both B cell – antibodies - and T cell -IL-17A- responses to the organism, (iii) immunity against both invasive disease and mucosal carriage, (iv) lower cost and greater ease of manufacture, and (v) an intellectual property position providing freedom to operate.

An important strength of this invention is that the construct can be readily adapted for use as vaccines against other pathogens with ease, constituting a vaccine platform.


Affordable, broadly and highly protective vaccine for S. pneumoniae strains world-wide

Competitive Advantages:

A single vaccine specific to all strains of Pneumococcus, cheaper and simpler to produce than the current conjugate vaccine, self-adjuvanting, based on antigen common to all Pneumococcus strains, unlikely to induce serotype replacement.

Business Opportunity:

1- Exclusive or non-exclusive licenses to therapeutic companies
2- Collaborations and Sponsored Research

Key Publications: Lu, Forte, Thompson, Anderson, Malley. 2009. Protection against Pneumococcal colonization and fatal pneumonia by a trivalent conjugate of a fusion protein with the cell wall polysaccharide. Infection and Immunity. May 77(5):2076-83.

IPStatus: Pat. Pend.

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