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Business Development Overview

Business Development within TIDO connects Boston Children's Hospital investigators with outside industry to create opportunities for partnerships at all stages of research, development, and pre-clinical and clinical investigation.

Business Development within TIDO connects Children’s investigators with the healthcare and life science industry to create partnerships to support all stages of research, development, and pre-clinical and clinical investigation. TIDO connects groups with similar R&D objectives and complementary resources.

The Business Development group:

  • Generates profiles of research and researchers at Boston Children's Hospital that outline recent and ongoing work, future goals and potential areas of collaboration with industry.
  • Proactively meet with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, informatics and diagnostic companies to understand their R&D areas of interest and goals.
  • Provides preliminary information reciprocally to Boston Children's Hospital researchers and corporate parties enabling further evaluation for a potential collaboration.
  • Coordinates scientific meetings for companies with individual/multiple investigators or entire departments for both sides to explore collaborative projects.

If you are a Boston Children’s Hospital investigator with a research project that could benefit from partnership with a company in the healthcare sector, please contact TIDO at to discuss how TIDO can help.

If you are a working for a biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, or healthcare IT company, or are a Venture Capital investor interested in collaborating with investigators at Boston Children’s please contact TIDO at

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